About Us

Founded in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Shanghai WD Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(WDP) is a biotech company with top priority to identify and address the unmet medical needs through developing proprietary delivery systems and formulations.

Some clinically proven active pharmaceutical agents (APIs) have their absorption window limited at the upper gastrointestinal tract. For these APIs, the existing delivery technologies have limitation to prolong the therapeutic coverage.

It’s also a challenge to administer medicines to pediatrics and geriatrics who have difficulty in swallowing large size tablets and capsules, which will lead to issues of palatability and compliance.

Based on the challenges described above, WDP is developing two proprietary drug/device combination delivery platforms, (1) UGi-Pump®, the upper GI tract controlled-release system, (2) AcuSiS®, the pediatric and geriatric drug delivery system.

WDP utilizes these two delivery platforms to develop rich product portfolio focusing on Parkinson’s disease therapeutic area, covering from early stage to late stage, from day-time management to morning stiffness prevention, and from regular treatment to intermittent treatment of “OFF” episodes.

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